<"p" class=" additional-class-45095829 bd-background-width bd-content-element"> The FIT-MED office is a place where for over 10 years we have been taking care of health, beautiful skin, figure and better well-being.We have a wide range of treatments for both women and men. We work on exclusive cosmetic brands, i.e. Medik8 or MEDIDERMA. A team of experienced specialists in the field of cosmetology, body shaping and massage makes sure that everyone feels special here. 

FIT-MED is a place where you can rest, relax and forget about the hardships of everyday life.

Massage – one of the best, natural and healthiest methods to improve well-being.
It has a great effect not only on the firmness and elasticity of the skin, but also on the whole body. It relaxes muscles, improves circulation and perfectly relaxes. Relaxing, healing, nourishing, aromatic, hot stones – regardless of the type – all guarantee one effect: perfect relaxation for body and soul.

Three reasons to choose a massage:

1. Massage is relaxation and wonderful well-being.
2. Massage is the restoration of natural beauty, shine, soothing in the body.
3. Massage is a health that each of us should take care of.

Face massage:
Quiro Face Massage (45 minutes) – Spanish massage based on natural cosmetics, which focuses all its activity on the places most exposed to the formation of wrinkles. Extremely pleasant and effective in its operation.
Face massage lifting 3D FUSION (45 minutes) - fantastic regenerating and lifting massage,
Marma Mukabhyanga Face Massage (45 minutes) - is a fantastic Ayurvedic massage. Thanks to this massage, we can restore the glow of the look, soothe stress, restore good sleep, eliminate headache and many other everyday diseases.

Body massage:

Massage with an aromatic candle( 60 minutes)
is a unique sensual ceremony performed with warm candle oil.
Candle massage makes the skin soft, velvety, silky smooth, delicate and subtly fragrant. It restores its firmness, elasticity and radiance.
Massage with an aromatic candle perfectly relaxes and relaxes.

Bamboo massage (60 min)
- Intensive. comprehensive massage performed with bamboo poles and brooms - shapes the figure and supports weight loss
ABHYANGA (60 min) - Deeply relaxing and cleansing massage of the whole body with Ayurvedic oil.
BALINESE (60 min)
- Relaxing and calming massage of the whole body.
Hot stone massage (90 minutes)
- Deeply relaxing, relaxing muscles, eliminating fatigue and weak heart rate treatment improving the course of energy in the body.
Massage with herbal stamps (60 minutes) - relieves pain, muscle tension, removes toxins and stimulates the body to regenerate and rebuild cells. The intense smell and heat emitted from the stamp makes the body and mind relaxed.

Price list of Relaxation treatments– Magdalena Piosik
Facial Massages:
Quiro anti-wrinkle massage (face/neck/décolleté)
massage alone 45 minutes price 150 PLN
with peeling / mask 60 minutes price 170 PLN
Lifting and firming massage 3D FUSION (face / neck / décolleté)
massage alone 45 minutes price 150 PLN
with peeling / mask 60 minutes price 170 zł
Relaxing massage Ayurvedic Marma Mukabhyanga (face / neck / décolleté)
massage alone 45 minutes price 150 zł
with peeling / mask 60 minutes price 170 zł


Classic full massage (50 min) price 150 zł
Classic partial massage (25 min) price 80 zł
Holistic relaxation massage (50 min) price 160 zł
Partial relaxation massage (25 min) price 90 zł
Full body massage on warm and aromatic oils (60 minutes) price 160 zł
Relaxing body massage with an aromatic candle (60 minutes) price 160 zł
Relaxing back massage (30 minutes) price 100 zł
Ayurvedic Mukabhyanga massage (60 minutes) price 200 zł
Balinese massage (60 minutes) price 200 zł
Relaxing foot massage with elements of reflexology (40 minutes) price 110 zł
Bamboo massage (60 minutes) price 180 zł

Hot stone massage (90 minutes) price 220 zł

Herbal stamp massage (60 minutes) price 200 zl